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Bumper Repair

This is the most common type of minor auto body repair. More so than not, most bumpers can be repaired to their original like-new condition at a low cost.

Headlight Restoration

The sun's UV rays can quickly discolor and fade vehicle headlights. It may sound simple, but it's quite surprising how big a difference a set of restored headlights can make. Consider for a moment that one new headlight for an Infiniti G35 may cost over $1,000.00. That's right - over $1,000.00 for a single headlight. Headlight restoration is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance the exterior appearance of the vehicle.

Collision Repair

If you are the unfortunate victim of an automobile accident, we can make this trying time a little less stressful for you. We will work with your insurance company regarding the details of the repairs and we will work with you so you can keep your deductible.

Paintless Dent Repair

If your fellow shopper at a mall has "dinged" the side of your vehicle, we can repair it without paint work. Hail damage can also be repaired in this manner. Turn-around time is always less than a day for these repairs.

Leather/Vinyl/Cloth Interior Repair

Your vehicle's interior can sustain considerable damage from daily wear-and-tear. All types of interior repair are available, ranging from stains to cigarette burns. We can also deodorize your vehicle to remove any unpleasant odors.